March 2022

Hawks Nest Homeowners Association Annual Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2022 via Zoom

Members Present: Matt Riggs – President, Andrea Larsen – Vice President, John Aman – Treasurer, Heather Schucter – Landscape Chair, Suzanna Farver – Communications Chair, Bharat Krishnan – President Elect, Greg Waina, Ronald Barnes, Aarthi Rathi, two unidenfied callers

Mr. Riggs called the meeting to order and presented the minute from the prior meeting. The minutes were unanimously approved by the board members present, and are attached as Exhibit A.

Mr. Aman presented the Treasurer’s Report, which consisted of the 2021 financial results and the 2022 budget. Mr. Aman explained that total expenditures were significantly lower than budgeted because of fewer than expected mailbox replacements and the absence of social events due to COVID. The Financial Statements are attached as Exhibit B.

Mr. Aman commented that certain items in the 2022 budget reflected price increases related to inflation, and Mrs. Larsen suggested that such increases be incorporated into the budgets for the social events as well. Mrs. Rathi inquired about other social events, such as Dwali celebrations. Mr. Riggs explained that the social events exist as a way to recruit volunteer board members in order to avoid hiring a management company that would represent a significant cost to homeowners (far above the cost of the events). To that end, to the extent there are volunteers willing to coordinate events that are open to the entire neighborhood, the nature of the events in the budget can be flexible, and Mr. Aman added that the budget was really set at the broad category level, with all social events in one allotment bucket. Mrs. Farver and Mr. Riggs also added that the HNHA e-mail list can be used to publicize any neighborhood news and events, not just those funded by the HOA.

Mrs. Rathi also inquired about the potential for snow removal services to be part of the HOA scope. Mr. Riggs pointed out that because snow removal is not a service in the charter of the HOA, adding such services would likely require an amendment to the governing documents and a dues increase, which would require a neighborhood vote. No one at the meeting was clear on what the voting threshold would be for such an item, but it was noted that only 51 of 208 ballots were returned for the annual meeting election. Mr. Riggs also pointed out that there coule be liability considerations related to adding a snow removal service, but suggested that if a groupd of homeowners had a passion for that or anything else, they should explore the costs and build an understanding of how much neighborhood support there would be for such an item.

The final matter related to the budget was landscaping at the neighborhood entrances. Mrs. Schucter presented landscaping proposals from 9 Trees and gave an update on the City of Dublin Neighborhood Beutification Grant Process that HNHA applied for in February. Mrs. Schucter reported that HNHA is one of 6 finalists for a grant of up to $5,000 in matching funds from the City of Dublin, and that last year

there were 5 recipients of the grant. Mr. Aman raised concerns about the volume of plants included in the proposal, and the board agreed to hold a meeting at the Muirfield entrance at a later date to discuss specific options. Based on the range of potential costs and the projected HNHA cash position, the board decided to include $25,000 for landscape entrance improvement in the final budget, which was unanimously approved by the members present, and is included as Exhibit C.

The final order of business was election of the 2022 Board. Mr. Aman reported that 51 ballots had been returned, and that the following officers had been unanimously elected.

Bharat Krishnan – President Andrea Larsen – Vice President John Aman – Treasurer
Raj Govindaraj – Secretary

In addition, Mr. Aman reported a significant number of volunteers, including Heather Schucter vonlunteering to continue as Landscape Committee Chair and Suzanna Farver volunteering to continue as Communications Chair.

The Board unanimously ratified the results of the election. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Exhibit A Prior Meeting Minutes

Hawks Nest Homeowners Association

Minutes of Landscaping Meeting – Tuesday January 11, 2022 7.30 PM to 8 PM EST

Members Present Matt Riggs, John Aman, Suzanna Farver, Heather Shuchter, Andrea Larsen, Raj Govindaraj

All prior items including budget amendments were ratified and approved.

The board discussed the issue of upgrading landscaping at the Brand Road and Muirfield Entrances including lighting and the relevant tasks and budgets that would be required including the application to City of Dublin for the Beautify Your Neighborhood Grant (BYNG).

The landscape committee Chair Heather Shuchter informed the board that the task of clearing out the dead trees, overgrown shrubs and weeds both entrances were completed. In her opinion, while these made the entrances look much better, the landscaping could use an update. The board considered the proposal from 9 trees who had quoted $ 6,792 for the Jacana & Avery Entrance, $ 41,593 for Muirfield and $25,231 for Brand Road entrance. It was decided that even including the money from the grant, the association could not go ahead with the proposal as it stood. The consensus was to narrow the focus and to decide in the March 2022 board meeting, what was important and what was not.

Options suggested was to limit to one entrance or to two entrances if it was only planting and reduce paver stones and opt for grass instead.

The board considered the information about the BYNG provided by Heather including copies of previous winning grants. It was decided that Heather should proceed with the application for the 2022 grant cycle that deadline for which is February 1, 2022 with the Muirfield proposal as the qualifying project.

The board also considered the matter of the landscape lighting at the Brand and Muirfield entrances needing to be replaced. Multiple shorts, GFCI outlet faults, and improper electrical connections are causing the lights to work intermittently. After discussion with the irrigation company, this has been an on-going problem with short term fixes over the years. While this maintenance has saved money over time, the systems are now in need of replacement. Quotes were received from the irrigation company $4,200 and an electrician between $3,500 and $4,000- both have serviced the landscape lighting in the past. No decision was reached in the meeting on selecting the provider and the discussion was noted.

There being no other landscaping matters, the meeting was adjourned.

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February 23, 2021

Hawks Nest Home Owners Association Annual Meeting on February 23, 2021 via Zoom


Matt Riggs, Andrea Larsen, Heather Shuchter, John Aman, Rick Jeric, Suzanna Farver, Ron Barnes, Raj Govindaraj, Greg Waina.


  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Election of Officers
  3. 2020 Financial Results
  4. 2021 Budget
    1. Mailboxes
    1. Landscaping
    1. Social Events
  5. 2021 Dues Payment update
  6. Phishing Update
  7. Other Business

Minutes of the discussion:

  1. Matt read the previous minutes which the members approved and ratified.
  • Election of Officers – John mentioned that there were no write ins on any of the ballots that were submitted and each one of them voted to continue with the current slate of officers. In the absence of any other volunteers and due to the majority vote for the current slate, the motion to re-elect the current officers of the board was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved.
  • John reviewed the previous year (2020) results. There was a decrease in spending last year and therefore the cash balance went up by approximately $7,000; John went down the list of actual expenses and explained the movement on the significant accounts like Sprinkler expenses, Christmas lights breaker, Mail boxes, etc. Social costs went down due to covid, Insurance is on a 3-year fixed costs with some increase to cover events; Accounting costs were in line with what was budgetted. John mentioned that if we have legal costs, that would be around collecting the annual dues. The main difference with the previous year (2019) and budgets was the mailbox expenses where we had replaced or repaired more mail boxes in 2019 when compared to 2020. There were no further questions regarding the 2020 Actual results and these were then formally adopted.
  • John then went through the budget for 2021 and said that we would be keeping inflow the same. On the expense side there would be a slight reduction in the grounds expenses, some mailboxes expense increase is budgeted continuing to make sure that we are following the five-to-six-year cycle of replacement; Sprinkler maintenance budget may not be completely met, but the general principle in preparation of the budget was that the board did not have to convene a meeting each time a budget was depleted. Utilities matches expense incurred. There is also a budget of $1,500 for clean-up of trees on the Brand Road & Muirfield entrances.

John then threw open the floor for any questions on the 2020 Actual results or the 2021 budget. Suzanna raised two issues – one, regarding the printing of directories. She said that the Directories are printed on a two-year cycle and the next one is due in 2022. However, we could incur some expenses in late 2021 towards that task and hence her question was if we could budget any moneys to be spent this year for the directories. A question came up about what was done in the past. Suzanna replied that in the past we had not spent any money on this task as there were sponsors. Matt said we need to be careful about this line item in the budget as directory expense may be considered as advertisement to recruit new board members. There was further discussion about this and there was no change made to the budget. The second question was regarding maintenance of trees in the conservation easement area in the backyard of certain homes that had the wooded backyard. John and Matt both confirmed that it was the responsibility of the owner of the property and not that of the HOA.

Heather mentioned that there was a jump in the costs of mulch and John should consider that in the budget for landscaping costs.

There was discussion around mailboxes and the need for the $14,000 per year budget. Many mailboxes have been repaired or replaced but there were some old ones that have not also been stained since 2017. May & John will conduct a walk through the neighborhood for visual examination of the condition of mailboxes. The findings will then be discussed and we could talk the Dave to see if there is any wiggle room in the budget to get more done. Matt & John said that anyone on the board is welcome to be part of the walk and discussions thereafter.

There being no other questions or topics to be discussed, the Board proposed, approved and seconded the adoption of the 2021 budget unanimously.

  • 2021 Dues payment update – John mentioned that there were 7 houses that were yet to pay the Annual dues. It was decided that Suzanna will send additional communications to them. The deadline was March 1, 2021 and these houses will be charged a late fee.
  • Social events – With regard to re-starting some of the social events following its suspension in 2020 due to the pandemic, Andrea mentioned that we should monitor CDC guidelines related to social events and follow those. All present agreed with this approach.
  • The board talked about the recent phishing attacks and other rising cyber security threats and emphasized the need to be vigilant when receiving suspicious emails.

There being no other business, the meeting was concluded.

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June 10, 2020

Hawks Nest Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

Jun 10, 2020 5.00 PM (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance – John Aman, Matt Riggs, Suzanna Farver, Andrea Larsen, Heather Shuchter and Raj Govindaraj

Agenda –

  1. New VP
  2. 2020 mail box plan
  3. Dead trees at Brand Rd entrance
  4. Recent e-mail scam attempts based on HNHA website.


1.) Andrea Larsen volunteered to fill in the open Vice President position. The board was informed that the VP position is to oversee and not necessarily chair the various social events that take place throughout the year in a non-covid environment like the egg hunt, the end of school year ice cream social, the fall picnic, and the Halloween pizza gathering. The VP is the liaison between the chair of the event and the board, ensuring the chair wants to continue as chair, monitoring the planning events up to the event. Since the Vice Presidency is currently an open board position, the appointment without an annual resident’s vote can be accomplished by a board motion and a vote of board members. Accordingly, John Aman proposed and Matt seconded the appointment of Andrea as Vice President of the HNHOA.

2.) 2020 Mailbox plan – There was extensive discussion on the Association’s policy in regards to the neighborhood mailboxes. Suzanna indicated that the service levels of the current contractor were not very satisfactory and in addition, we needed some clear guidelines on the mailbox replacement program. John asked if we could get a list of work already done by them so far. Suzanna responded that we could and an action items was noted to get such a list. Action items from the discussion were as follows:

A.         Matt to compile list of recent mailbox replacements

B.         John to search for potential replacements for repair vendors

C.        Matt to organize for replacement of the two mailboxes currently in need of replacement

D.        Matt to replenish current stockpile of replacement parts and numbers

E.        John to recruit neighborhood members to chair/serve on a new Mailbox Committee.

F.         John/Matt to propose a budget amendment for 2020 mailbox repair and replacement activity once all costs can be estimated

G.        All board members to consider the wording of the proposed mailbox policy

Other items such as replacement of stains, numbers, replacement of bases and who pays in case of accidental damage to mailboxes were discussed. The proposed updated policy is summarized in Appendix A3.) Dead Trees at the Brand Road entrance – The members discussed whether it would be the responsibility of the city to clear these since they were street lining trees. However, Heather mentioned that upon contact the city their response was that the Landscape easement rules make it the responsibility of the Home Owners Association. In light of this, John Aman proposed that the HOA gets these removed and stumped. Matt Riggs seconded the motion and it was passed with the support of all the members.

4.) Suzanna brought the members’ attention to the recent e-mail scam attempts on the HNHOA website. It was agreed that in view of increasing cyber-attacks members and residents use abundant caution when opening emails from the HOA and visiting the website.

There being no other item on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

Appendix A

Who is responsible for our neighborhood mailboxes?

Each homeowner is responsible for their own mailbox.

However, HNHA will provide for replacement and maintenance due to routine ‘wear and tear’ in the form of:  a) repair or replacement of old mailboxes that are rotting, b) bi-annual staining, and c) replacement of lost of broken numbers and flags.  Generally we would not expect a mailbox to need significant repair or replacement due to routine ‘wear and tear’ more frequently than once every 10 years.  Contact if you believe your mailbox is in need of replacement or repair or if you need numbers or a flag.

Can I replace my mailbox with another type?

No. You must contact the manufacturer, Cedar Craft and ask for the “Duffy” style. The mailboxes in Hawk’s Nest were chosen by the developer. They are covered by our subdivision’s Code of Regulations:

Section 12.1 Mailboxes
In order to maintain the original character and appearance of Hawk’s Nest as intended and implemented by the Developer, all mailboxes, wood trim surrounding mailboxes, and mailbox posts within Hawk’s Nest shall be of uniform design and construction, and mailboxes and mailbox posts shall have uniform exterior stain. Likewise, all mailboxes shall display the street number of the home associated with its use and such numbers shall be of uniform font, color and size.

If your mailbox needs replacing or new parts – you must contact the manufacturer: Cedar Craft (759-1600). Costs for replacement are the responsibility of each homeowner. Each year we contact Cedar Craft in order to get a neighborhood “special” price on replacement parts. You can find the current specials under the mailbox tab on our neighborhood website:

What if my mailbox was hit by a snowplow?

Please contact the City of Dublin for replacement. They will replace with the correct model.

What if I need to replace the numbers on my box?

The numbers we use on our mailboxes are not sold locally so HNHA volunteers stock them. If you have a missing or broken number please send an e-mail to letting them know what numbers you need and they will be replaced at no charge to the homeowner.

What if my mailbox flag needs replacing?

These are also stocked by HNHA volunteers.  If you are in need of a replacement flag, please send an e-mail to letting them know and the flag will be replaced at no charge to the homeowner.

What if my mailbox needs staining?

As a courtesy to our homeowners, the mailboxes are stained every other year by the association. This is at no additional charge to the homeowners as it is part of the association’s budget.  Should you need to stain your mailbox on a year the association isn’t staining – please contact to obtain a quart of stain. If you would like to own your very own gallon of mailbox stain – you can purchase it from the Creative Paints on Post Road, asking for the “Hawk’s Nest mailbox stain”

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March 15, 2020

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners’ Association

Board of Trustees

Minutes of Annual Meeting Hel March 15, 2020 via teleconference

Attendees:  Greg Waina, John Aman, Suzanna Farver, Matt Riggs

  1. Greg Waina, 2019 President, presented the prior actions of the board for approval.  The prior actions were approved unanimously.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2019 annual report (attached as Appendix A).  The report was unanimously approved.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2020 proposed budget (attached as Appendix B).  The board noted that the portion of the budget represented by social events increased from the prior year due to lower proposed spending on other project, but was still under the HNHA Board established 10% cap.  The budget was unanimously approved, pending the addition of a budgeted amount for the Muirfield entrance circuit breaker at item 5a below.
  • Matt Riggs, 2019 Treasurer, presented the 2020 officer ballots, noting that there were no candidates for Vice President, but that there was a volunteer for Landscape Chair (Heather Schucter). The results of the election, as follows, were unanimously approved:
    • 2020 President – Matt Riggs
    • 2020 Vice President – open
    • 2020 Treasurer – John Aman
    • 2020 Secretary – Raj Govindaraj
  • Other Business
    • COVID-19 and neighborhood safety – the board noted that 2020 social events may need to be modified, postponed, or canceled due to public health concerns.  The board noted that each event would be decided upon based on the facts and circumstances in effect that that time.
    • Muirfield Drive circuit breaker – the board noted that the holiday lights caused the circuit breaker at Cormorandt / Muirfield Drive entrance to flip daily.  Greg will contact Suburban Irrigation to obtain a quote to fix the situation.
    • Annual picnic scheduling – Suzanna reserved two trailers from the City of Dubline for August 15th.  The picnic will be contingent on public health concerns and regulations that may exist at that time.
  • Adjournment- the meeting was adjourned with no other matters being brought forward.

Appendix A – 2019 Financial Report

2019 Financial Highlights

  • 207 of 208 Hawk’s Nest homeowners paid their 2018 dues totaling $36,225.
  • The Landscape Committee spent $15,318 on service and maintaining the landscaping of various entrances into our neighborhood, our annual holiday light display, purchasing electric and water service and maintaining the landscaping of various entrances into our neighborhood.
  • The Landscape Committee spent $18,485 to repair or replace the remaining mailboxes in the neighborhood that had not been repaired or replaced in the past two years.
  • The Jacana Road Entrance Project was completed in 2019 for $1,115, bring the total for the project to $26,214.
  • Neighborhood volunteers coordinated the Fall Picnic, Ice Cream Social, Egg Hunt, and Halloween Pizza Party spending $2,400
  • Insurance, administrative and professional services cost homeowners $7,666
  • HNHA began 2019 with a cash balance of $49,296 and ended with $42,069, of which $18,200 is a rainy day operating reserve

Appendix B – 2020 Budget

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February 27, 2019

Hawks Nest Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

February 27th 2019 6.00 PM (Home of Greg & Nancy Waina, 6157 Avocet Ct.)

Minutes of the meeting

In attendance – Greg Waina, John Amman, Matt Riggs, Suzanna Farver, and Raj Govindaraj

  1. 1.)  First motion was to adopt the measures discussed in the previous meeting. Greg proposed that the motion be adopted. Matt seconded and all present were in favor. There were no dissensions.
  2. 2.)  December 4, 2018 Minutes of the meeting were presented verbally and a vote approving this was recorded.
  3. 3.)  Slate of Officers to be approved. Matt mentioned that nobody was a write-in for any of the officer’s positions and therefore in the absence of anyone else the current officers are certified for 2019.
  4. 4.)  The 2019 Financial Budget was presented by Matt and a vote approving this was recorded
  5. 5.)  Greg mentioned that a landscape committee volunteer was still needed. John enquired about the duties the position would be involved in. Greg replied that the main tasks were to talk to vendors, coordinate if there are any issues, for e.g. Christmas lights not working etc. The task then is to call the vendor, and have it taken care of. Typically, the position has been filled by homeowners who are in tune with what’s going on in the neighborhood. Essentially it was agreed that till such time as we get a landscape chair, if we see something, we should email it to a general email address
  6. 6.)  On the matter of Jacana Entrance beautification, Steve & Greg met with alternative electricity source proposed by Suburban Irrigation who have a battery-operated system. We should receive an official quote by April 15. Only other option is to cover the big box which was mandated by City of Columbus. Suzanna enquired if it could have been placed somewhere else. Greg replied that if we knew that we could have asked the to put somewhere else. Rules changed over time.
  7. 7.)  On the matter of the State of City address by City Manager Dana McDaniel on March 7, 2019 – Suzanna will communicate more about this to the Hawk’s Nest Community and more extensive information is on the website.
  8. 8.)  On the matter of Cyber liability coverage – Matt Riggs to continue to look for Cyber Liability coverage but we got denied by Travelers; John asked about when we don’t have a server what is the policy that they think that the board needs. Matt responded that for insurance they have a high risk because in a Home owners association situation there’s a lack of central policies,

machines etc. There was discussion among the members about risk. John asked if we have full birthdays listed in the directories. Suzanna responded that no information on this on the directory. We have the kid names and we have people for dog walking and pet sitting which are minors and we don’t know if we want to keep this. Greg mentioned that children’s names are public so we don’t think that should be a problem.

9.) On the matter of HNHOA annual directory – Suzanna mentioned that she is thinking about cleaning up the information and starting fresh. Matt mentioned that’s good because if one is not interested in signing up that they should not be in the database. Greg asked if there was anything else on matter of the directory. Suzanna replied that we are going to hire out 300 dollars or less for 250 directories. Suzanna mentioned that we have someone who may want to place an ad and/or sponsor the directory. Rob Humphrey who has a business called Junk Luggers definitely wants to advertise in the directory and could sponsor it also.

10.)On the matter of fallen trees in the inner circle wooded area – Suzanna mentioned that someone contacted her that in inner oval a number of trees have fallen due to high winds and whose responsibility is it when a tree is leaning precariously on to another homeowner’s property. Is the City or the builders responsible? The answer is no, it is the property owner on whose premises the tree is situated who has to take care. Greg mentioned that Claudia Husak at the City office may have some insights because it could be a conservatory easement. Also, Paula Chope from the City can look at all your trees and advise you how to prune advise etc. Greg Waina asked if we should look at all the homes as a neighborhood conservation effort and put together a long-term strategy and educating the homeowners. No action was taken at this time.

11.)The board discussed other items such as Sustainability advisory meetings, Citizens University and the BWell Event at the Dublin City schools.

There being no other item on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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March 17, 2018


March 7, 2018 7:00 PM at the Home of Greg & Nancy Waina, 6157 Avocet Ct. MINUTES OF THE MEETING

Present :

Greg Waina, Vice President
Suzanna Farver, Communications Chair Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee Lead Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Matt Riggs, Treasurer

  1. 1.)  Approval of Prior Actions – Greg Waina proposed that all actions from prior meetings be approved. Matt Riggs seconded the motion. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted.
  2. 2.)  Annual Elections – The Association office bearers discussed the modality of sending out the ballot along with the Annual Dues notice. It was determined that this method was acceptable as there were many ballots that were turned in and as such no change in this method was required. It was also noted that there were 2 write ins for John Aman as Vice President. Considering the need for more volunteers to take board positions, it was deemed highly likely that we could induct him into the board. Matt Riggs will send the final counts by Friday or over the weekend.
  3. 3.)  Presentation of the 2017 Annual Report and the Approval of 2018 Budget – Matt Riggs presented the five-year actuals from 2014 to 2017 and a proposed 2018 budget. The members went through the actuals and did not find any items that were extraordinary. The proposed annual budget was also discussed in detail and compared with the previous year’s actuals. It was agreed that the budget for mailbox refurbishment needs to be evaluated further as the initial quote was only for labor. There was a unanimous decision to increase the budget from $4,000 to $14,000 in 2018 and the overall budget deficit of $16,800 was put forward for approval. Matt Riggs proposed the approval and Greg Waina seconded the motion. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted.
  4. 4.)  Discussion of Landscape report –
    1. Mailbox – In order to get more information on the status and further plans of the Mailbox maintenance and staining project, the board members decided that it was essential to have Steve McElroy set up a meeting with the provider. No dates were finalized at this meeting.
    2. Holiday Lights – There was a discussion of issues faced in the previous year and the members agreed that none of those problems recurred and the installation of Holiday light was successful.

c. Jacana Entrance – The members discussed the water and AEP easement for the Electric & Sprinkler that is slated for April installation. Steve continues to move forward with this.

  1. All spring clean-up and mulch tasks are retained for 2018 and will start soon
  2. Keeping track of previous years recovered lien fees. For tracking purposed it was decided that previous years late fees will be moved into the Recovered late fees line.

The landscape committee report was approved by Greg Waina and Matt Riggs seconded the motion.

  1. 5.)  Website Update – The members discussed the status of Website update. Suzanna Farver agreed to send content update to Mike Strange.
  2. 6.)  Approval of 2018 Meeting & Events Calendar – The following meeting dates were discussed :
  1. Mar 31
  2. May11&12
  3. May 25
  4. September 30
  5. October 31
  6. December 12

Egg Hunt
Garage Sale
Ice Cream Social
Family Picnic
Pizza Party
2019 Board Planning Meeting

The approval of these dates was proposed by Greg Waina and seconded Raj Govindaraj. All present were in favor and the motion was adopted

7.) Help Wanted – The members discussed help needed for a Landscape lead, a Family Picnic Lead and a Pizza Party lead.

There being no other items on the agenda, the meeting was called to a close.

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September 27, 2016

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board Meeting
September 27, 2016

7.15 pm to 9.05 pm

6157 Avocet Ct Dublin OH 43017


Steve McElroy, President
Greg Waina, Treasurer
Todd Garwick, City of Dublin
Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Suzanna Farver, Communications Committee Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee

Rick & Theresa Jeric, Adam Davis
Terry Moran
Nicole Lietz

Joe Vacari, Landscape Committee Elaine Borgerding, Social Committee

  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order after allowing time for refreshments
  2. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.
  3. The minutes from the previous meeting were reaffirmed and approved by the officers.
  4. Guest – Washington Township Fire Department: Mr. _________________ from the Washington Twp Fire Department gave an extensive presentation on the services that the department provides to the residents of Dublin, OH. The biggest reason he engages in presentations such as these was that most Home Owner Association did not know how much the Fire Department can support the residents with not only fire related but also Emergency Medical assistance. He also spoke at length about the resources that are available to fight the opioid crisis and referred us to their website which has a lot of useful information for the residents. The website is ________________. Suzanna Farver mentioned she will include this information in her next broadcast to the homeowners.
  1. Landscape Committee Report –
    Joe Vaccari gave a summary of the various activities with respect to –
    1. Jacana Drive Water Meter
    2. Jacana Drive Electric
    3. Water backflow testing
    4. Design work and Substantial shrubs for Avery and Brand
    5. Fall cleanup – All T ask
  2. 2017 Mailbox staining and maintenance program The committee members discussed the pros and cons of instituting a mailbox staining and periodic maintenance program. The main discussion was around the cost of the program. Since the cost was expected to be material, Steve McElroy suggested and the members agreed that there was a need to have a separate sub-committee for this program.
  3. Social Committee Report – Elaine Borgerding provided a recap of Sunny 105 Neighborhood Party and said that it had a very positive reception among the home owners. There was consensus that more such programs be conducted periodically. Elaine also wanted expansion of new members in the social committee and the board members agreed to look for more volunteers in the committee.
  4. Welcome Committee Report – Nancy Waina stated that due to her shoulder surgery she was behind on sending out welcome message package to 9 new residents and wanted a second member on the committee to help her with completing the task. Many residents who were present offered to help. Nancy will reach out to one of them and take their assistance.
  5. Neighborhood Directory – Suzanna mentioned that this project has been delayed. She has not heard back from the Advertisement coordinator and she will contact her again. Steve said he has bought the front page and Joe Vaccari offered to buy a spot. Suzanna will also find out the raw cost of printing the directory in case we are short of offsetting advertisement revenue.
  6. 2017 Board Participation – Steve McElroy brought up the issue of 2017 board participation or the lack thereof and suggested each board member look for their replacement in case they wish to.
  7. Financial matters –
    1. Disbursements of Funds for Water Project – Greg Waina proposed that a sum of $ ______ be disbursed towards the water project at Jacana and Avery. Steve seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted by a show of hands.
    2. Treasurer’s report – Greg Waina released the August 2016 financials. There were no significant matters of concern.

12. Next Board Meeting – The next meeting was decided as Tuesday, December 6th 2016. 13. Having no other unfinished business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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August 3, 2016


Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board Meeting
August 3, 2016

7.15 pm to 9.05 pm

6157 Avocet Ct Dublin OH 43017

Steve McElroy, President
Greg Waina, Treasurer
Linda Neale, Welcome Committee member Raj Govindaraj, Secretary
Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee member

  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.
  2. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.
  3. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by the officers.
  4. The board took up the following agenda items –
    1. Discuss revisions to the dues collection process – Greg Waina mentioned that only one resident out of the two hundred and eight has not paid the HOA annual dues. Steve McElroy felt that the current language is very punitive and suggested that this be improved.
    2. Jacana Entrance Project – It was noted that while the landscape part of the project was complete, there does not exist a watering system to preserve the foliage. Greg Waina proposed to the board that a water service be put in place at an estimated cost of 10,000 that includes capacity charges, meter charges, ROW Permits, Consulting Engineer and Construction. Steve McElroy seconded the proposal and the motion to install a sprinkler system at the northeast corner of Jacana and Avery was approved unanimously.
    3. Committee Needs & Wants for 2017 and beyond – It was discussed and decided that we should have a slate of positions / chairs and each officeholder

should select their replacement and the board should identify a chair for each of the four committees – Landscape, Social, Welcome and Communication.

The following was also discussed –

  1. Landscape – Nancy Waina pointed out that the Brand Road entrance needs more perennials and annuals. Raj noted that the Christmas Lights budget was small and could easily be doubled to enhance the décor during the holiday season. It was confirmed by Steve McElroy that we could ask the current provider of the service to do so. Nancy also noted that the Ponds in Dublin have not been cleaned and this may be taken up with City of Dublin.
  2. Staining of Mailboxes – It was proposed that the committee takes up mailbox staining next year at an estimated cost of $4,300. Steve also proposed that the committee research into the cost of repair of mailboxes, which really is a resident expense. It was noted that this measure needed further discussion due to the potential costs involved and whether it would be a good precedent to set.
  3. Residents Directory – Suzanna Farver is getting the Directory ready but the Advertising cost is $2,500-$3,000 and is required to cover printing expenses. Amber Mustafa of N2 Publishing is the person who should be contacted with Advertisement requests.
  4. There were 8 new families over the summer into Hawk’s Nest for the Welcome Committee to send out welcome packets.

d. Increase in committee participation – All the participants discussed ways in which participation in the board could be increased. Nancy Waina brought up the idea of participation by rotation. Other ideas discussed was to talk to neighbors and encourage attendance, placing Message Boards well in advance

5. Having no other unfinished business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.

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March 3, 2016

Good Evening Neighbors –

Here is a recap of what transpired from last Wednesday’s HOA Meeting, as well as dates to mark your calendars, advertising possibilities in the neighborhood directory, and info on sidewalk shaving/repair.

Minutes from 3/9/16 meeting

8 people attended – Thank you

Budget looks good – Most of the HOA dues have been collected, new landscaping planned for Jacana entrance

Officers elected:

ï‚· Steve McElroy, President / Todd Garwick, Vice President / Greg Waina, Treasurer / Raj Govindaraj, Secretary

Committees established, but still need people to help out. Looking for several people to participate in, not necessarily head up the committee…

  • ï‚·  Landscape: Monitor Landscape company already established and organize holiday light installation
  • ï‚·  Social**: Help with planning and implementing neighborhood events (Egg Hunt, Garage Sale, Ice Cream Social, Picnic, & Pizza in the Park)

(**Please contact me if you are interested in working on any of the above committees, and I will put you in touch with the correct person.)

Next HOA meeting: – Tuesday, May 10th – All committees meeting together (only people on above committees need to attend)

Dates to put on your calendars:

ï‚·  Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, March 26th @ 4pm – Hawks Nest Park ï‚·  Committee Meeting – Tuesday, May 10th @ 7pm – 6157 Avocet Court (Social, Landscape and Welcome committees to attend)
ï‚·  Neighborhood Garage Sale – Friday & Saturday, May 13th/14th @ 8am – 3pm ï‚·  Ice Cream Social – Last day of Dublin City Schools (June 6th) @ 7pm – Hawks Nest Park ï‚·  Neighborhood Picnic – Sunday, September 18th @ 4pm – 7:30pm – Hawks Nest Park ï‚·  Pizza in the Park – Halloween night, Monday, October 31st @ 4:45pm – 6pm Hawks Nest Park (alternative address will be provided later if raining)

ï‚· HOA Meeting and Social – Thursday, August 25th @ 7pm – 6157 Avocet Court (Representative from the Fire Department might be in attendance to give safety overview and to answer questions)

Advertising Possibilities If you have a small business and would like to advertise in the Hawks Nest Directory (to be published in May 2016), please contact Amber Mustafaga at N2 Publishing: or 614.395.7188 by April 1st, and for any questions you might have regarding the advertising. Sidewalk Shaving Repair Sidewalks are the Home Owners responsibility and if someone should fall or trip, you
could be liable. The City of Dublin has set aside funds to offer courtesy sidewalk repairs. The requests must be made by the home owner. If the sidewalk that needs repair is on the property line, please still report the problem. Please contact Todd Garwick directly ( with your name, address of where the sidewalk needs repair, and phone number before April 1st. He will pass this info directly to a Dublin City worker, who will then come out and evaluate what needs to be done to the sidewalk. Enjoy the rest of the week, Suzanna
Communication Committee of 1 for Hawks Nest Home Owners Association (whew that was a lot of info… )
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September 8, 2015

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

September 8, 2015

7:15 pm – 9:03 pm

6157 Avocet

Dublin, Ohio




Steve McElroy, President

Todd Garwick, Vice President

Greg Waina, Treasurer

Tanya Ash, Acting Secretary & Landscape Chair

Elaine Borgerding, Social Committee Chair

Suzanna Farver, Welcome Committee member

Linda and Tom Neale, Welcome Committee member

Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee member

Terry Moran, Homeowner

Kevin Martin, CPA




  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.


  1.     All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify

the members of the board for all prior acts.


  1. Greg introduced Kevin Martin with Keeping Accounting Simple CPA’s to the board. Kevin is handling our neighborhood annual dues collections and accounting this year. His company focuses on small businesses and Homeowner Associations. Steve asked if there was anything our association could improve upon. Kevin suggested that we focus on setting up reserves for operating expenses as well as capital improvements. Kevin reported that our association had a total of 2 no pays (previous liens) and 4 late payments. This is a great improvement over previous years.


  1. The minutes from the April 20th meeting were approved by the officers unanimously via e-mail on April 25th and the approval was ratified at this meeting.


  1. Tanya gave an update on the neighborhood landscaping. All the mailboxes were stained over the summer. Tanya reported on how the change to using a large painting company worked. She suggested that we go with a smaller company in the future that doesn’t use subcontractors. We used a different brand of stain and we will determine if it is an improvement over the old Maxxum stain going forward. Tanya will change the mailbox information sheet going forward to reflect the new brand. Tanya mentioned that it is unfortunate that pet fence companies affix signage to the mailboxes in that it detracts from their appearance.

Tanya reported that the spruce tree that replaced a fallen spruce at the Muirfield entrance in 2014, died due to lack of water. Tanya suggested we replace it with a shrub instead, since the other spruces are getting quite large. This would require hand watering for two years since the sprinklers don’t get enough water to them.

The Avery Road entrance improvements including securing a water supply were discussed. Todd mentioned the tap in fee would approximate $3,400 and is hoping to have someone perform the hook-up and installation of a water meter at that entrance at a cost of roughly $1,500. Todd thought that the tap in could be done in October. Additionally, the overall project would include a new sprinkling system with approximately four sprinkler heads, landscape design, new plant materials and possibly a small light for the rock and installation. Todd thought that the tap could be done in October. Greg mentioned the City of Dublin’s matching grant program but this would require from advanced planning and would push parts of this project back another year. This project will be discussed again at the October board meeting.


  1. Elaine announced the dates of the remaining Social Committee engagements. The Neighborhood Block Party will be held on Sunday, September 27th, from 4-7 p.m. Elaine said she is looking for help and has e-mailed a Sign-up Genius out to committee members. The board discussed whether or not there should be a charge to attend, and it was decided that no charge felt more welcoming.

Elaine announced that the Halloween Pizza in the Park event would be held on Thursday, October 29th from 4:30-5:45.

Elaine announced that she had posted the Lunch Bunch meetings to NextDoor.


  1. Suzanna reported that the Welcome Committee has welcomed and given out a Welcome bag with neighborhood and city information to 25-26 new homeowners since the committee started last year.

Suzanna reported that the company producing our neighborhood directory would be publishing it again soon. It was suggested that the Welcome Committee add an information sheet to their welcome package to obtain new neighbor directory information in a more timely way.


  1. Steve went over old business. He mentioned that he would like to discuss changing the wording in the Code of Regulations to not be as punitive regarding late payment of annual dues in the future. Our current rules state that all dues paid after March 1st are considered delinquent and the homeowner incurs a $25 late charge for each month they are late. He thought this may become excessively punitive if someone is unable to pay dues, in that the late fees keep accumulating each month. Steve proposed we discuss minor wording changes to the late fees section of the Code of Regulations to make it less punitive. Any changes to the Code of Regulations require a neighborhood vote and re-filing of our Code of Regulations with the Franklin County Recorders office. Steve proposed we discuss it at the October meeting.

Teens at the park after dark causing a disturbance was discussed. Todd will look into seeing if the city could install a light in the gazebo. Neighbors are advised to call the police if they see people hanging out in the park after dark.

Steve set the date of our next board meeting as Tuesday, October 20th , at 7:00 p.m. Nancy will contact the police department to see if they would attend. Nancy was also asked to invite a representative from the police and the fire departments to the Neighborhood Block Party on September 27th and the Halloween Pizza in the Park on October 29th.


  1. Greg presented the Treasurers report for the second quarter of the year. On June 30, 2015 the Association had a balance of $57,048 (Checking $25,840 + Savings $31,208) and $2,325 of outstanding dues. As of September 8th, all 2015 dues have been collected but there were $100 in late fees still outstanding. Since all residents have paid their 2015 annual dues, no collection liens were filed this year. As of June 30th, the Association still had $1,750 of annual dues, late fees, and lien filing charges outstanding from past years.

As of June 30th, our YTD expenses are $18,165 of our annual expense budget of $32,590.

Greg discussed establishing a cash reserve for Operating Expenses to equal half a year’s dues ($18,000) and a Capital Improvements/Expenditures cash reserve to be available when needed and voted upon by the board. Greg anticipates finishing the year on budget, thus leaving approximately $15,000 available for Capital Improvements/Expenditures. He mentioned we could leverage the Association’s funds with the City of Dublin’s matching grant program that helps homeowner associations defray the cost of qualifying projects. This was tabled until the next Board meeting when we will start the 2016 budget discussions.

Greg stated that two residents had to rewrite annual dues checks they had put in his mailbox and were lost. Greg said that he would add wording to next year’s dues package letting neighbors know that they needed to mail their dues and not put them in the Treasurer’s mailbox.


  1. The meeting was adjourned.
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