Aws Agreement

BlackBerry said the multi-year global agreement with AMZN`s Inc. -0.52 percent cloud services business will allow automakers to use IVY to safely read vehicle sensor data and learn from the data. 1.7. If your agreement does not contain any provision regarding AWS confidential information and you and AWS do not have an effective confidentiality agreement, you agree that you will not disclose AWS confidential information (as defined in the AWS customer agreement) unless required by law. AWS customer agreement – this agreement regulates your use of our services 11. Complete agreement and severability. Unless you have entered into another written agreement regarding the software that you have signed with an authorized representative and which is in conflict with the terms of this ECJ, you agree that this ECJ will replace all written or oral prior agreements, guarantees or assurances regarding the use of the Software. If a clause (or part of it) in this AEA is invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions (including other valid parts remain valid within the allotted time). You acknowledge that you have read this CLU, that you understand it, that you agree to be bound by its terms and that this is the full and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and us regarding the software. Our inability to insist on your strict adherence to this ECJ does not constitute a waiver of our rights.

45.6. AWS can develop for you, as part of the professional services AWS (e.g.B. Documents and software, “Developed Content” (in source code or object code), example of code or script (“software”) for you, which are either made up of (a) documents and diagrams (“documents”) or (b) software (in source code or object), example code or scripts (software). AWS is not prevented from developing, using or selling similar products or services or related to developed content, subject to no application between you and AWS. All developed content made available to you by AWS as part of AWS Professional services as part of a SOW will be licensed under the following conditions: (c) Collaboration with other AWS customers.

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