April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board Meeting


6157 Avocet Ct. Dublin, Ohio



  • Steve McElroy, President
  • Greg Waina, Treasurer
  • Tanya Ash, Landscape Chairperson
  • Nancy Waina, Welcome Committee
  • Geeta Viddam, Secretary


  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.
  2. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.
  3. The minutes from the January 26th meeting was approved and passed.
  4. Landscape committee report

The Irrigation controller replacement – cost $296; this amount was already accounted for in the budget.

Capital improvements on Jacana Dr. – Todd Garwick is still waiting on bids

Water backflow testing – Tanya has scheduled with suburban irrigation

Tree fertilization – Deep root tree fertilization was done last fall by Davey Tree, who will be treating the crabapple trees at the Brand and Muirfield entrances for apple scab three times this spring.

Spring cleanup – All Task has already begun the spring cleanup at the entrances; edging, spreading compost and mulching. They are also removing the Russian Sage plants along Avery road to keep them from flopping on the sidewalk.

2015 Mailbox staining – the mailboxes will be stained in mid-May depending on the weather. We are waiting for proof of insurance before signing the contract.

Holiday lights – Tanya presented several bids she had received for holiday lighting. It was decided to hire a professional holiday lighting crew this November to string lights at the entrances. The lights will be LED saving us electricity as well as lessening the need for electrical improvements at the entrances.

  1. Social committee report –

Walking Club – every Sat. at 8:30am; more people are joining every week

Beer tasting – will be held May 2nd at 7pm at the Daily Growler in Upper Arlington

Bowling for adults- TBA

Picnic in the park – June 3rd at 7pm

Ice cream social – Oct. 29th at 4:45-6pm

Wine tasting and tennis club to be organized by Suzanna Farver

  1. Welcome committee – Nancy, Suzanna and Linda have collected and put together a very nice recycle bag containing generous donations contributed by several organizations in Dublin for all our new residents.
  2. Old business
    1. Avery Rd. lawn cutting; HOA will mail out letters to all the 13 homeowners to receive permission to cut the grass along Avery Rd. The board believes this area being city property, the city conveyed this responsibility to the homeowners via their deed. 100% of the homeowners need to sign these letters so All Task can begin to mow. Steve will request Bruce Curry prepare the letters and HOA will mail the letters out. Steve will send out certified letters to the rental homeowners.
    2. Sunny 95 neighborhood party – Steve will inquire if they are willing to do this again. They had done it a few years ago.
    3. 2015 Neighborhood Directory – Board is planning on using NP2 again to provide this free directory to the neighborhood. Tanya will contact each homeowner via e-mail to verify their families’ directory information. The information is kept confidential and not shared with outside parties. We are hoping for 100% neighbor participation.
    4. Nextdoor website and app – Tanya mentioned that 75% of our homeowners have already signed up for the website. It allows neighbors to communicate with each other whether it be announcing social events, board information, contractor referrals, crime reports, neighbor classified ads, etc. Tanya mentioned that she has received positive feedback from the neighbors who have signed up. Neighbors can adjust their settings to just see information from Hawk’s Nest neighbors or from surrounding neighborhoods.
  3. Treasurer’s report: The 1st page of the treasurer’s report is part of the minutes below. The Board will like to remind all homeowners that all HOA meetings are open to the public and everyone interested can attend. A 3 page treasurer’s report is available from the treasurer by request.
  4. March 31, 2015 Balance Sheet and YTD Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual
  5. Commentary as of March 31, 2015
  6. Cash balance of $66,500. (Checking $35,300 + Savings $31,200)
  7. Dues Outstanding of $3,650
  8. 2015 Dues outstanding $2,100 ($175 x 12 residences)
  9. 2014/2013 Dues outstanding $1,550 (2 residences including late and lien fees)
  10. Annual dues assessment of $36,400 ($175 x 208 residences)
  11. Collected $2,100 from a bank foreclosure event (released lien)
  12. Expenses to date of $6,100
  13. Reaffirmation of $490 budget amendment for the Welcome Committee approved on 03/05/15
  14. There are 11 homeowners with outstanding dues. Steve met with all of them. A few homeowners have requested a meeting with the board.


  1. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting – July 20th, 2015

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