October 7, 2014

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

October 7, 2014

7:05 pm – 8:45 pm

6157 Avocet

Dublin, Ohio



Steve McElroy, 2014 President

Todd Garwick, 2014 Vice President

Greg Waina, 2014 Treasurer

Tanya Ash, Acting Secretary & Landscape Chairperson

Elaine Borgerding, Social Chairperson

Brennan Cavanaugh, Homeowner

Nancy Waina, Homeowner


  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.

All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed

and approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify

the members of the board for all prior acts.

  1. The minutes from the August meeting were presented. Since the Board had only just received these minutes from the Property Manager it was decided to allow everyone extra time to read them and make corrections before voting on them and entering them into the Secretary’s notebook.
  1. Greg Waina presented the financials for the period ending June 30, 2014. At that time there were $46,868 in operating funds between the association’s two bank accounts. The total expenses for the year through June are $9,765 vs. $12,542 budgeted.

Greg mentioned that there are three delinquent homeowners as of July 31st. He will be sending out lien letters and filing liens in the next few weeks. Greg also mentioned that we have been named as a secondary on a foreclosure in the neighborhood. The homeowners are paid up through 2014.

Tanya Ash discussed her frustrations with dealing with the property management company. It took three months to receive the minutes from the last HOA meeting. Alternatives to using RPM for financial management were discussed. It was decided that Greg and Tanya would visit Fifth Third Bank to discuss alternatives that might be available for collecting and accounting for funds. The board would then meet again prior to the end of August in order to vote on how to proceed with the Associations finances in the future. Homeowner, Brennan Cavanaugh mentioned that he recently served on his Board at Amberleigh North and that they received full service property management (not just Financial) for less than we are paying.

Greg called for a vote on page 4 of the financial report and they were unanimously approved.

  1. Tanya Ash discussed the neighborhood landscaping. We lost four trees at the entrances due to the harsh winter – one at the Brand entrance and three at the Muirfield entrance. The plan for the Brand entrance is to replace that area with grass in the Fall. One spruce was replaced at the Muirfield entrance. Two other dead trees that were located on the outer semi-circle of that entrance were removed and Tanya mentioned that this provided a better view of the landscaping at that entrance. She mentioned that there were two ideas for those trees – remove the third tree on that semi-circle and replace them all with a more columnar tree that wouldn’t block the view of the entrance (these trees would continue to be lit at night). The other idea would be to remove the third tree and relocate the landscape lighting to other areas. The board took a vote and unanimously decided to do the latter.

Tanya reported that the treatment that was applied to the crabapple trees at the Brand road entrances that were diseased was successful in saving them. Unfortunately, the crabapple trees at the Muirfield entrance are now suffering from the same disease and Tanya will look into having Davey Tree treat all of them next Spring.

Tanya reported that the LED lighting project has resulted in lowering our electric bills by 2/3. The project was more than was estimated due to some additional lights that needed to be replaced, but should pay for itself within a year. There is a broken floodlight still located at the Brand road entrance which will need to be removed by an electrician since this is beyond the capabilities of the landscape lighting contractor.

Tanya mentioned that the new landscape contractor has been doing an excellent job. Homeowner, Nancy Waina, mentioned that the landscape contractor does not wear a uniform or have any signage on his truck and that this had concerned some residents. Tanya will look into possibly providing uniforms for Roger and his crew to eliminate concern.

Several homeowners present mentioned that some homeowners were not trimming their trees and they were encroaching on the sidewalks and causing people to duck to get past them. Tanya asked them to e-mail her addresses and she will get letters out to them.

  1. Steve McElroy mentioned that he had received calls from people living along Avery Road concerned for their safety when mowing to the ditch line. Steve asked Todd Garwick if we could ask the city to mow this area. Todd said that the city would not be responsible. This area is owned by the city but just like our tree lawns – the individual homeowners are responsible for mowing. Steve mentioned that he had seen workers on commercial mowers mowing just a few of these properties. Greg Waina mentioned that these workers were actually part of a landscape crew hired by a few of these homeowners. Steve will look into asking how much a landscape company would charge to mow this ditch area on a weekly basis and report back to the Board.
  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that some homeowners whose property backs up to Brand Road have made several complaints about how loud the fountain is and had spoken to someone at the city about possibly replacing the mechanism with something quieter. Todd said he would check into this and see what we could do.
  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that it was time to start looking for new Board members for 2015. We will need a Secretary, Social Chair(s) and someone to work on a new directory. Steve is going to ask if the same company (NP2) would be willing to provide the directory again.
  1. Elaine Borgerding announced that the date for the neighborhood Block Party would be September 21st. She will reserve the Block Party Package from the city.
  1. Several homeowners expressed concern regarding the push button crosswalk sign at Avery road. They have witnessed several cars not stopping for children in the crosswalk who have pushed the button. Todd Garwick will look into next steps for improving safety at this crosswalk.
  1. The meeting was adjourned.
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