January 26, 2015

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

January 26, 2015

7:18 pm – 8:45 pm

6157 Avocet

Dublin, Ohio





Steve McElroy, 2014/15 President

Todd Garwick, 2014/15 Vice President

Greg Waina, 2014/15 Treasurer

Tanya Ash, Acting Secretary & 2014/2015 Landscape Chairperson

Suzanna Farver, Homeowner

Christen and Rodger Shuback, Homeowner

Kathy Tagliaferri, Homeowner

Nancy Waina, Homeowner



  1. Steve McElroy called the meeting to order.




  1. All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed, approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify

the members of the board for all prior acts.




  1. The minutes from the October meeting were presented. Steve asked if anyone had any changes to make. There were none. Steve asked for a vote to approve the minutes. All those present said “aye”. There was a discussion about how the minutes get posted to the website. It was suggested that going forward the minutes from the meetings would go out to board members within a week of the meetings and that the board members would make timely changes so that the minutes can be posted on the website within a week of the meeting. The Secretary would be responsible for getting those posted to the website. Tanya will make sure that Geeta knows how to do this.



  1. Steve asked for a count of the Ballots for the 2015 Board. The Board was approved by 9 votes.



  1. Greg Waina presented the financials for the period ending December 31, 2014. At that time, there were $36,550.60 in operating funds between the association’s four bank accounts; two at Fifth Third Bank and two at Union Bank. The total expenses for the year were $22,785.16 vs. $25,484 budgeted. Greg explained that several invoices for 2014 were not paid until 2015, so the actual expenses were more in line with those budgeted when taking that into consideration.


Greg reported that 205 of 208 homeowners paid their 2014 dues totaling $35,875. Liens were filed against three homeowners. HNHA collected $380 in late payment charges related to 2014 fees and another $3,425 was collected on outstanding liens. The Association received a generous gift of $825 during 2014. The Landscape Committee spent $14,070 of a $14,800 budget for 2014 including upgrading the entrance lighting to LED, paying utilities as well as maintaining the three entrances. The Social Committee spent a board approved $905 for its three events. Administrative costs of $11,010 exceeded the budget by $1,125 as a result of engaging the services of a professional HOA management company. The Board anticipates a $3,000 reduction in 2015 as a result of engaging an accounting firm instead.


The Association began the year with a cash balance of $18,656 and ended with a balance of $36,551. Greg mentioned that some of this money was still in a Union Bank account but would be transferred to the Fifth Third Bank savings account next month.


Greg called for a motion to approve the 2014 Financial Report. All those present said “aye”.


Greg presented the 2015 Budget. Landscape and utilities expenses were expected to remain the same except for an additional $2,000 to hire Davey Tree company to treat all of the entrance crabapples for disease and deep-root fertilization of same. Tanya mentioned that she had received a quote of $300 for replacing the irrigation controller at the Muirfield entrance and that the Sprinkler Upgrades and maintenance should be budgeted at $1,000 for 2015. Mailbox staining was budgeted for $4,300 and holiday lights were budgeted for $1,800. Social Committee’s budget is $1,500 and $7,200 was budgeted for Professional and Administrative expenses. Total expenses are expected to be $32,100, leaving an overage of $4,300 of income vs. expenses for the year. As of this meeting, no capital improvement projects were budgeted for 2015.


Greg called for a motion to approve the 2015 budget. It passed by a vote of 3 to 1.


  1. Tanya Ash discussed the neighborhood landscaping. The capital improvement costs of adding water to the Jacana entrance were discussed. Todd estimated the costs to be close to $4,500. Tanya asked that this amount be added to the 2015 budget. It was decided that Tanya and Todd Garwick would get formal bids on the project and the allocation of funds for 2015 capital improvements would be discussed again at the April meeting.


Christen Schuback asked about the mailboxes and who was responsible for them. A brief explanation was given that roughly $10 of each person’s yearly dues goes towards staining the mailboxes and replacing the numbers in order to keep them all looking nice and uniform.


Kathy Tagliaferri asked why we didn’t have holiday lighting in 2014. Tanya explained that in past years she had personally hung the lights and wasn’t willing to do it anymore. We attempted to get five bids for professional lighting and they all exceeded our budget of $1,000 for both entrances. One of the problems is that we only have one outlet for lighting at each entrance and it frequently overloads the circuit. Also, incandescent lighting doesn’t hold up from year to year. The storage requirements for storing the 100+ pounds of lights and electrical cords were also overwhelming. If we used a professional lighting company – they provide LED lights and are responsible for repair and storage. Tanya mentioned that she felt the holiday lighting was good advertising for the neighborhood and was in favor of hiring a professional company to install it in early November. Suzanna Farver mentioned that she and her husband would be happy to hang the lights. Steve asked Tanya to send out an e-mail to ask for interest in forming a holiday lighting committee.



  1. Steve McElroy asked if we could approach Sunny 105 to do another neighborhood party this year. Several of the homeowners present mentioned that they wished there were more social events for adults. Tanya brought up the difficulty the Association was having in obtaining new board volunteers. Steve offered to chair a Nominating Committee in which he would personally approach prospective volunteers to ask them to serve on the Board. Steve mentioned that he felt there would be more interest if the board members’ dues were waived. Tanya mentioned she was pretty sure this wasn’t allowed by our Bylaws and state law. Greg offered to check with our neighborhood attorney. The homeowners present asked about a Welcoming Committee. Suzanna Farver and Nancy Waina volunteered to co-chair the committee. They will put together a budget request and present it to the Board. Steve mentioned that we would begin working on the next neighborhood directory in early Spring.



  1. The Board set the dates for the regular Board meetings for 2015:

April 20th, July 20th, October 19th and December 7th were selected.


  1. There was a discussion regarding annual homeowner packages and when they should be sent. Greg mentioned that dues notices shouldn’t be sent out until after the annual meeting since Section 6.1 of the Code of Regulations call for a discussion of annual assessments and dues at the annual meeting. Traditionally the packages have gone out in mid-January to allow neighbors time to return ballots and give them notice of the annual meeting and a synopsis of the prior year’s financials and board activities. Steve asked the homeowners present when they would like to receive their dues notices. All those present said mid-January. It was decided that going forward, dues notices would go out with the annual packages in mid-January and would be sent out by the accountant. If dues were expected to be increased or decreased for the year, the proxies to change the dues would be sent out at the same time as the Board Ballots, and the dues notices would be sent separately after the annual meeting and proxies were counted.



  1. The meeting was adjourned.
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