January 13, 2014

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

January 13, 2014

7:05 pm – 8:45 pm

7684 Quetzal Drive

Dublin, Ohio



Jim Ash, 2013 President

Steve McElroy, 2014 President

Todd Garwick, 2014 Vice President

Tanya Ash, Acting Secretary & Landscape Chairperson, 2013 Treasurer

Nicole Lietz, homeowner

Mike and Paula Hamm, homeowners


  1. Jim Ash called the meeting to order.


2.     All acts of the board occurring prior to the meeting were discussed and approved and ratified. The board further voted to defend and indemnify the members of the board for all prior acts.


  1. Tanya Ash presented the ballot counts. 2014 Officers were voted in:

Steve McElroy, President

Todd Garwick,  Vice President

Greg Waina, Treasurer

Geeta Viddam, Secretary

Tanya Ash, Landscape Chairperson

Kristin Shoup/Elaine Borgerding, Social Chairpersons


  1. Tanya Ash presented the proxy count for the proposed increase of dues to $175.  Final count was 78 “yes” votes and 11 “no” votes.  Tanya Ash mentioned that the responses from residents were overwhelmingly positive with many  people including checks for $175 with their proxies.


  1. Jim Ash discussed the need for a property management company to take over the financial duties of the Treasurer position.  The former Treasurer for Hawk’s Nest moved from the neighborhood in 2013 and we were not able to get a neighbor to volunteer for this role.  It is a time consuming position and a very important position so we looked into outsourcing most of the duties.  We contacted local CPA firms and three Property Management firms.  Associa Real Property Management agreed to “financial only” management at a cost of $500/month + expenses.   Greg Waina, a neighbor, has agreed to act as Treasurer in order to oversee the financial reporting done by the Property Manager.  Associa’s contract will run for 12 months and can be renewed with 90 days notice if we have a resident step up to take over Treasurer duties in the future.  Jim asked for a vote on using Associa Real Property Management as our financial manager, all those in attendance said “Aye”.


  1. Tanya Ash gave the 2013 landscaping recap.:


    1. Mailbox Staining Project – Final total of $3,200 was spent, we saved $2,000 by using teen labor.  Replaced many numbers and flags at no cost to residents.  We will not stain the mailboxes in 2014 but will provide the stain or replacement numbers to any neighbor who requests it.  We hope to stain them again in 2015 but will need to revisit the hourly rate paid to the teens at that time.  Nicole Lietz mentioned that she moved from Westbury where her dues were much higher but there was no social or services such as mailbox staining offered.  She complimented the board on what a difference the uniformity of the mailboxes made for a well – kept neighborhood appearance.
    2. Mulch Project – Spent $1,950 to mulch all 16 beds including  material and teen labor wages.  Typically we pay a landscape company between $3,500 and $5,000 for mulching.  Unfortunately, the project was very time consuming for the Landscape Chairperson, so we will contract this out in 2014.
    3. Holiday entrance lighting – This year, we used neighborhood teen labor to hang the lights at the entrances saving $600 compared to what we would have had to pay a landscape lighting company for this service.  In the future, the plan is to simplify the holiday lighting even further, by just hanging wreaths on the large rock at each entrance and changing the uplighting on the trees to red or green bulbs.  This will save on labor as well as materials since the lights only seem to last two years.
    4. Tanya mentioned that the Muirfield entrance is very time consuming to keep looking its best due to the many different kinds of perennials needing weekly care.  She spent an average of three hours each week from late spring to fall, maintaining this entrance and has made sure that the landscapers bidding on our 2014 contract have built this care in to their price quotes.
    5. Using neighborhood teens for so much of our labor this year kept much of our dues money within our neighborhood.


  1. Tanya Ash presented the 2014 Landscape Budget.  We received three bids ranging from $10,000 to $15,100.  Jim Ash called for a vote on using “All Task Landscaping” as our 2014 landscape contractor.  All those present said “Aye”.  All Task does not do sprinkler start-up, winterization, or maintenance so we will contract with Suburban Irrigation to perform this at a rate of $320/year + repairs at an hourly rate as needed.


Tanya Ash discussed the LED lighting project.  This should pay for itself within a year to a year-and-a-half in electric bill savings as well as less frequent light bulb replacement needs.  Chris Ward ,who was recommended by “All Task”,  and has done many of the landscape lighting on homes in Hawk’s Nest, bid to replace both our large entrance lights lighting the big rocks, as well as convert twelve uplights on the trees to LED for $1,000.  We discussed the cost of the fixtures and everyone present agreed that this was a reasonable bid.  Jim Ash called for a vote on using Chris Ward as our lighting contractor for the LED project, and all those present said “Aye”.


Tanya Ash discussed the crabapple trees at the Brand road entrance are suffering from “apple scab” disease.  This is affecting the trees to the right of the large sign at the entrance.  Tanya Ash brought an arborist from Davey Tree out to look at the trees as well as a representative from the City of Dublin horticulture department.  Both parties agree that the trees are suffering from apple scab.  The trees outside of the mulched area are maintained by the City and the city will remove them since they are completely dead.  The three trees within our mulched area we are responsible for and we have contracted with Davey Tree to remove one of the crabapples in the far back which has grown into the spruce, as well as treat the remaining three crabapples three times to control the disease.  This must be done in the Spring prior to the trees leafing out.  If the treatment doesn’t work and we end up losing the two trees, we will replace them with a more disease resistant variety of crabapple.


  1. Tanya Ash presented the 2014 Budget.  Jim Ash called for a vote and all those present said “Aye”.


  1. Jim Ash reported that the City has been treating the Ash trees along Quetzal Drive to hopefully prevent the ash-borer.  They did this last in 2013.  This is a two-year treatment.


  1. Tanya Ash spoke about the HNHA Directory project.  Using NP2 to produce it at no cost to the neighborhood, resulted in a professional-looking directory.  NP2 only produces this every year and a half so we won’t get new directories in 2014.  We will instead e-mail out a list of new residents information as well as changes for people to include in their existing directories.


  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that there are 17 residents who refuse to share their email addresses with the Association even though the Association keeps these private for those who ask.  This makes it difficult and costly to communicate with these residents.  We will look into adding an acknowledgement clause that if you won’t share your e-mail address, you as a resident, must check the website to make sure your dues are current.


  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that our neighborhood’s Articles of Incorporation need to be renewed in 2014.  They were last renewed in 2009 and it’s a five year window.



  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that we had a homeowner give us a check for $1,000 as a donation.  The homeowner was very pleased with our efforts and appreciated what the association was doing.  This has never happened before and  Tanya asked for ideas on what should be done with the donation.  Jim Ash mentioned the Brand Road Entrance Enhancement Project that we were hoping to apply for a “Neighborhood Beautification Grant” from the city for.  We received a design for this a few years back but with limited funds in the budget, we couldn’t prove to the city that we could maintain it.  Our hope is to revisit this enhancement project and spruce up our Brand entrance to be as nice as our Muirfield entrance.  Designs for this entrance can be found on our website.  It was decided that Tanya Ash will work with the city as well as get bids to see if we can make this enhancement to our entrance.  We will then check with the homeowner who donated the funds to see if he would like for his donation to go towards this enhancement.  We would then add a bench or a plaque to the design acknowledging his contribution.


13.  Jim Ash asked if anyone had questions or concerns.  Neighbor, Nicole Lietz, brought up the safety issue of crossing Avery road to get to and from Avery Park.  She wondered if there couldn’t be some kind of pushbutton crosswalk installed with something that lit up on the side of the road.  Tanya Ash shared a traffic study that was done last spring showing speeds as high as 60 miles per hour in that area.  Tanya mentioned that she had contacted the City multiple times over the years asking for something safer.  Currently, most people won’t even stop or slow down for the crosswalk.  Todd Garwick will look into this issue for us.  Neighbor, Paula Hamm, mentioned she had contacted the city to find out if there was a quieter fountain mechanism for our ponds along Brand road.  The city told her that they were unable to turn off the fountains and that they would be too expensive to replace with quieter mechanisms.   Nicole asked if it was possible to get a light in our park to discourage vandals.  Recent vandalism was discussed ranging from broken beer bottles on the playground to spray paint on a car.  Residents are encouraged to call the police if they see anything suspicious.  Tanya Ash mentioned the new proposed Riviera development and asked what the impact might be to our neighborhood.  Todd Garwick replied that it should have minimal impact on Avery road.


  1. The meeting was adjourned.




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