April 6, 2012

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association

Special Board Meeting  –  2012 Budget Approval

April 6, 2012

7684 Quetzal Drive




Jim Ash, President

Julie Battles, Treasurer

Tanya Ash, Landscape Chairperson and Acting Secretary



Steve McElroy, Vice President – on vacation

Rochelle Rupp, Secretary – on vacation




  1. Jim Ash called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.


  1. Julie Battles presented the 2012 Budget. For those board members that weren’t present – Julie had e-mailed them a copy in advance of the meeting.  Jim Ash made a motion to approve, Tanya Ash seconded, Julie Battles, third.  The 2012 Budget was approved and signed by the attendees and attached to these minutes in the corporate record book.


  1. Tanya Ash discussed the upcoming landscaping project.  Peabody Landscape will be performing the work on the Brand Road entrance as well as the landscaped islands as soon as the danger from frost is behind us.  The work most probably will happen in mid-May.  There was a discussion regarding the unseasonably warm weather this year and that we may have to add additional weeding performances this year.


  1. Tanya Ash told the board that the Kristin Shoup, Social Committee Chairperson, had suggested resurrecting the Welcome Committee this year.  They would like to drop off a small gift (baked goods or jam, etc.) to new homeowners along with a copy of the neighborhood directory.  Tanya then discussed the expense of the printed directories and that they could only be budgeted for printing every other year.  Tanya brought up the idea that has been discussed in prior meetings – of moving away from printed directories and instead adopting a directory that could be e-mailed to residents bi-annually.  Tanya would like to provide each homeowner with a thin binder that would serve as their directory as well as keep important neighborhood documents handy such as the HNHA social calendar and deed restrictions.  There was a discussion on how to make the Deed Restriction document easier to read and follow by residents.  Tanya suggested it be simplified and put more into a handbook format.  Tanya Ash will look into finding the best price on the binders before we move ahead on this idea.


  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that we still don’t have e-mail addresses for twenty of our residents.  It was decided that if neighbors refuse to provide their e-mail addresses they would be responsible for checking the neighborhood website for pertinent information.


  1. Jim Ash relayed information that was received in the latest Dublin Civic Association meeting.  He spoke of the importance of each board member always adding their office after their signature for all documents signed for the Association.  He also mentioned that an attorney specializing in representing homeowners associations spoke at the meeting and suggested that neighborhoods ban Tier 3 Sexual Predators in their deed restrictions.  He cited that property values decline 17% if a Tier 3 Sexual Predator moves into a neighborhood.  Jim relayed that many of the other Dublin homeowner associations in attendance were going to add this to their deed restrictions.  Jim is going to research this and see if there are other types of felons that we can ban from moving into our neighborhood.  It was decided that we would revisit the issue after having more information.  It was also suggested by the attorney that we every homeowner’s association should have an indemnification clause in their Bylaws.  Jim will look into having that added to our Bylaws.


  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that the City announced that they would begin construction of the Brand Road bike path (east of Muirfield Dr.) in 2013 with completion slated for 2014.


  1. Tanya Ash mentioned that with the early warm temperatures – weeds are a real problem for our residents this year.  The Landscape committee reached out to our landscape maintenance company, Buckeye Landscaping, and had them come up with a fertilization/weed control package that could be offered to our residents.  This will be e-mailed to our residents shortly.  The landscape committee has posted the proposed enhancement to the Brand Road entrance (north of the bike path) to the website and plans to meet with the City in the near future to proceed with the Neighborhood Beautification Grant.  If granted, we would move forward with that project in the Spring of 2013.


  1. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


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