June 27, 2011

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
June 27, 2011

Ryan McGraw, President
Tanya Ash, Treasurer
Kathleen Tagliaferri, Landscape Chairperson
Jim Ash, Vice President
Debbie Scheetz, Social Chairperson
Rochelle Rupp, Secretary
Bruce Curry, 6159 Enke Ct.

1. Tanya Ash called the meeting to order.
2. There were eight delinquent dues as of May 19. Five homeowners paid as of June 27. Three homeowners were given the opportunity to appear before the board at the June 27, 2011 meeting to discuss the delinquent dues, but they did not come. Bruce Curry will prepare the liens for the three delinquent homeowners and file after July 5th.
3. The board is considering updating and simplifying the neighborhoods By-Laws. The board will review the HNHA regulations against the city of Dublin’s deed restrictions. The board will create revised By-Laws for approval.
4. The 2011 budget was reviewed.
5. Debbie Scheetz is planning an ice cream social for August 19. Rochelle will get estimates for ice cream. Rochelle will contact city of Dublin for the picnic cart.
6. The meeting was adjourned.

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