January 31, 2011

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
January 31, 2011

Ryan McGraw
Wendy Hanely, Outgoing Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association President
Tanya Ash
Debbie Scheetz
Jim Ash
Rochelle Rupp

1. Tanya Ash called the meeting to order. Debbie Scheetz seconded.
2. Tanya Ash called for the approval of the 2011 board members. Debbie Scheetz seconded.
2011 Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association Board
• Ryan McGraw, President
• Tanya Ash, Treasurer
• Debbie Scheetz, Social Chairperson
• Jim Ash, Vice President
• Kathy Tagliaferri, Landscape Chairperson
• Rochelle Rupp, Secretary

3. Budget – Planned expenditures in 2011.
• All 208 mailboxes need to be stained this summer. It was proposed that Hawk’s Nest student residents, ages 14-17, be given the opportunity to do a mailbox route. Students will be offered $10/box with an estimated cost of labor at $2,080. Estimated cost of stain, brushes, and numbers is $600. When the program is unveiled to residents, interested students should contact Tanya Ash for route assignments and materials. Students will be responsible for removing exterior debris from boxes, removing numbers (but not nail holes), staining the box and post, re-tacking the numbers, and submitting the approved invoice for each box stained. Board Members will inspect first few completed mailboxes to be sure students are doing an acceptable job.

• In May, all 50 ash trees need to be treated at an estimated cost of $1,000. The board will ask the City of Dublin for financial assistance for this project. There is no guarantee that the treatment will save the trees.

• Vendors were asked to bid on the 2011 Landscape proposal. The board is waiting for one more bid. The proposal includes weeding, mulching, planting in spring and fall, weed killer, fertilize plants and trees, replacing light bulbs when they burn out, sprinkler system maintenance. We will have a fall planting of flowers at the Brand and Muirfield entrances only. The Jacana entrance will not be planted with flowers this spring/fall due to existing watering challenges.

• The entrance winter light budget is under review and vendors are being asked to submit bids. A storage fee of $300 will be saved in 2011. Spruces are hard to do because they are so tall. An entrance-decorating party was suggested for October 2011 thereby saving the neighborhood the cost for this expense.

4. Social

• Social Committee budget: No more than 10% of total HNA budget can go to the social committee. Final numbers will be presented at the next meeting when 2011 budget is approved.

• Debbie Scheetz presented her ideas for the board’s consideration:

a. Earth Day clean up
b. Friday night spaghetti fund raiser dinner for a family in need (springtime)
c. Happy Hour 5-7:00pm with drive-in style movie night – street party. The board will contact Sunny 95 about their neighborhood party/vendor promotion.
d. Sadie Hawkins dance
e. Pie tasting contest and silent audtion.
f. Chili cook-off.
g. Chiller Party
h. Easter Egg Hunt
i. Caroling night
j. Cultural Progressive Dinner
k. July 4th parade participation and neighborhood bike parade

5. Meeting adjourned
6. Next meeting will be held at the Ash residence at 7684 Quetzal drive on April 25, 2011 at 7:00pm.

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