February 27, 2012

Hawk’s Nest Homeowners Association
Board Meeting
February 27, 2012

Jim Ash, President
Julie Battles, Treasurer
Tanya Ash, Acting Secretary and Landscape Co-Chair
Kathleen Tagliaferri, Landscape Co-Chair
Alex Dorko – new resident
Rick & Theresa Jeric – residents
Cydney Philbin – resident
Elaine Borcherding – new resident

1. Jim Ash called the meeting to order.

2. Julie Battles presented the tallies from the ballots. There was a discussion regarding open board positions (secretary and social chairperson) Without anyone to step in as Secretary – Rochelle Rupp had agreed to continue in that role again this year. Jim Ash called for the approval of the 2012 board members, Tanya Ash seconded.
2012 Hawk’s Nest Association Board:
– Jim Ash, President
– Steve McElroy, Vice President
– Julie Battles, Treasurer
– Tanya Ash and Kathy Tagliaferri – Landscape Co-Chairs
– Rochelle Rupp, Secretary

3. Treasurer’s Report:
Julie Battles reported that to date 44% of dues have been collected and 58 proxies have been collected. So far there have been 56 votes approving the change to the Bylaws and 2 “no” votes. $8,900 in dues have been collected and so far the only expenditures for the year have been for water and electric, postage, copies and removal of x-mas lights.

4. Landscape Committee’s Report:
Tanya Ash reported that we had two bids for the neighborhood landscaping contract (Buckeye and Peabody Landscape). The bids were within $170 of each other but incidental expenses (cost of light bulb replacement and sprinkler repair) made Buckeye Landscape a more preferred contract. Jim Ash called for a vote to approve Buckeye Landscape as our neighborhood Landscaper and the board approved.
Tanya Ash presented the landscape committee’s agenda for 2012. The plan is to improve the four islands (Avocet, Touraco, Wigeon and Enke) since the spruce trees have grown through the shrubs. The landscape committee will meet with landscapers as well as those homeowner’s living on the courts to develop a plan of how they would like their islands to look and will get bids on improving same. The committee also plans to improve the Brand road entrance by planting perennials and reducing the amount of annuals needed each year. They would also like to replace two serviceberry trees to the left of the entrance that were chopped down by the city years ago with the stumps left in. The committee also plans to get bids on power washing the entrance signs (rocks).
Tanya explained Dublin’s Neighborhood Beautification Grant program and suggested improvements that would fit into the city’s goal of improving areas of Dublin visible from the main roads. If we can come up with a plan and can show Dublin that we can maintain the improvements and that we have homeowner support and volunteers to help make the improvements we can apply for a grant where they will match the funds we put into it. Tanya asked for feedback from those in attendance and everyone thought it was a good idea. The board will move forward with getting designs and cost estimates and plans to apply for the grant in 2013. The board will post the proposed plans to the website for community feedback.
There was a discussion regarding vandalism of the holiday lights at the entrances and a discussion regarding the costs of decorating for the holidays vs. the benefits. All those in attendance agreed that the benefits outweighed the costs and that we should continue to decorate the entrances for the holidays. The Ash’s will continue to store the lights in order to save costs.
Kathy Tagliaferri reported that she was able to get the City of Dublin to treat the Ash trees on Quetzal Drive (street trees) at no cost to HNHA last year. She will look into contacting the city to see if they will agree to treat the trees again this year.

5. Jim Ash asked for a discussion on what to do about the Social committee portion of the budget since we do not have a Social Committee chairperson this year. There was a discussion about whether to have neighborhood social events or not. Elaine Borcherding stated that one of the things that attracted her to our neighborhood was the mention of social events especially those involving children’s activities on our website. Tanya agreed that having these types of events were a positive element of our neighborhood. It was suggested that we handle the events on an individual basis asking for volunteers to help out on each event individually. It was suggested that we send out an e-mail asking for interest in:
Garage Sale
Happy Hours
Easter Egg Hunt
Sunny 95 neighborhood party – see if they will agree to host it again
Holiday caroling party
The board decided that in the future there would be a charge associated with each event in order to maintain social events.

6. The meeting was adjourned.

7. The next meeting will be held the last Monday in April at 7:00 at the Ash’s house.

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