January 2010

General Meeting
Hawk’s Nest Homeowner’s Association
January 25, 2010
7:00 pm Dublin Justice Center

Board Members Present: Emily Preble, Patti Drumm, Michelle Atkinson, Wendy Hanley, Ryan McGraw, Tanya Ash, Michelle Hammett, Steve McElroy

President Update: Meeting called to order and new board members voted in, meeting turned over to new president. Vacancies on the board for the 2010 social committee were discussed.

Treasurer Report: The 2010 budget was submitted. It was noted that about 70% of our actual budget goes to landscaping, 19% goes to professional services to run the association, and less than 9% is allotted for social functions. The 2010 budget was approved and adopted by all in attendance.

Landscape Report: The 2010 landscape proposal was reviewed and approved by all in attendance.

Social Committee Report: The current board has decided that the homeowner’s association will try to sponsor the following social events this calendar year: the Easter egg hunt in the park, the Friday night Happy Hours at alternating neighbor’s houses, the Labor Day Party in the Park, and the Holiday Party at the Dublin Recreation Center. The board agreed to have a community garage sale this year assuming a volunteer steps forward to coordinate the event. Due to the lack of a board member in this capacity we will solicit volunteers for each event via e-mail and word of mouth, prior to each event. The board has planning notes from previous years that will be helpful for each item on an event by event basis.

New Business: There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Michelle Hammett, Secretary 2010

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