April 2010

General Meeting
Hawk’s Nest Homeowner’s Association
April 26, 2010
7:00 pm Dublin Justice Center

Board Members Present: Wendy Hanley, Ryan McGraw, Tanya Ash, Michelle Hammett, Steve McElroy

President Update:  Meeting called to order.  Vacancies on the board for the 2010 social committee were discussed.

Treasurer Report:  90% of homeowners have paid their annual dues.  Sixteen homes will be receiving lien letters to date.  The $150 that was budgeted for the Easter egg hunt will be absorbed into the holiday party, assuming all dues are eventually collected.

Landscape Report:  There was discussion of the treatment of the ash trees along Quetzal.  This is a budgeted item and the treatment will take place within the next few weeks.

Social Committee Report:  Bob Evans will be donating brats for the Labor Day picnic per Nancy Cowan.  Sunny 95 will not be able to host the picnic again as they are unable to hold the event at the same subdivision two years in a row.  We will be soliciting volunteers for summer happy hours.  As a reminder to all residents, happy hours do not come our of the HNHA budget.  The board members will be planning the Labor Day picnic at the July meeting.

New Business:  There was discussion of going towards electronic directories or printing directories every other year rather than annually in effort to save money   in lieu of the uncollected dues to date.  We tabled discussion until the July meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting will be held July 26, 2010.

Submitted by:  Michelle Hammett, Secretary 2010

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