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Hawk’s Nest News

Neighborhood Association Dues:Our dues are $175/year due by March 1st. Dues should be mailed to:
HNHA, P.O. Box 4065, Dublin, OH 43016

Late fees are charged at $25 a month for each month dues are delinquent. Please contact our Treasurer with any questions.

Annual Homeowners Board meeting is during the 1st quarter of the year and all are welcome to attend. Look for announcements via email and Nextdoor.com


As a courtesy, the mailboxes are stained every other year by the association.  Please contact the landscape co-chair if you need to replace a number or a flag or to borrow stain in the meantime. The cost of staining, replacement numbers, and flags comes out of the association’s budget. If your mailbox needs replacing please contact Cedar Craft (759-1600). Our box style is the Duffy. Costs for mailbox replacement are the responsibility of the homeowner. For more on mailboxes please read the mailbox section of the HNHA Code of Regulations.


Dublin Police has launched an enhanced version of the Dublin Emergency Calling System. The system known as DECS automatically alerts residents, businesses and first responders in times of crisis.

The City has a new provider for the enhanced service, Emergency Communications Network and its software program, CodeRED. While most Dublin residents and businesses are already in the City’s system, people can now sign up and confirm they will be notified in case of emergency. The enhanced system also allows for faster message dissemination and better message management.

Recipients receive time-sensitive information and instructions on how to safely and quickly respond should the City experience an emergency situation, such as a crime alert, hazardous materials spill, natural disaster, child abduction or homeland security threat.

The system also provides timely communication with other public facilities citywide. Schools, daycare centers and other high-risk facilities can be alerted to take necessary action.

Neighborhood Directory

If you are new to the neighborhood, please send an email to: hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com informing us of your name, address, phone number and email and whether or not you would like to be included in the neighborhood directory.  We have extra copies of the directory let us know if you need one.

Is Your Contact Info Up to Date?

Please send an email to hawksnestdublin@yahoo.com to update your name, address, phone number and email address